Has anyone bought an STM Canna Revolution Grinder *bad design*

So I just spent $13k on this grinder by STM and received it today and it’s backwards completely and all screwed up but the company tells me there’s nothing wrong with it and that’s the actual design! Even though EVERY SINGLE MARKETING PIECE THEY USE IS OPPOSITE! Absolutely the worst design for user friendliness and it’s not even the same product I was shown and told I was buying. This can’t even be used in my facility now. Thoughts on how to resolve the issue with STM? And has anyone else had this issue with them?

So sorry to hear that this machine is not to your expectations. I am curious how you heard about this machine. Have you considered a Hammermill? Check out our website below for more information. We have been producing Hammermill’s since 1928 and are manufactured in NY state. Our KannaMill brand has been around for three years now and took 2 years of R&D work with extractors/processors across the country to develop. Reach out to chat some more.