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Has anyone experience in distillation Rick Simpson Oil?

Hi there! Can somebody share the first-hand experience in distilling Rick Simpson Oil at home?

Come across such a post about Rick Simpson Oil, but it gives only basic information.

Appreciate getting any information and experience. Thanks


Hi @natly welcome, I 1st came across this method watching a doc on YouTube “Run From the Cure”. So I then watched about 5 YouTube videos of other people and how they did their extraction. I put the different way people did the steps that I liked the most into my own way. But it’s very simple and only takes a few steps, that are all a little time consuming. I’ve made probably a couple dozen batches now, mostly from dispensary flower, a couple ounces at a time. But I also made up the majority of my past 2 grows. I use 200 proof ethanol that you can by on Amazon. My county has an ordinance about selling 190 proof everclear. I used 99% ipa at 1st because it was easy to find but I wouldn’t use it. It’s a toxic substance! Hope this helps a little.


Break flower up.
Put in glass container cover with Everclear, is what I use.
Let sit for 15minutes to half hour.
Strain into jars.
Do 2 runs of the same flower.
Get rice cooker. Pour contents of jars in cooker. Cook until all alcohol evaporates and stops bubbling. Suck up tar substance in syringes. I usually do 3 ounces at a time.
Average about 12 “cc” per ounce and a half. Been making it for years.
Hope that helps.


Thanks for the tips.

Do soak in freezer to get a longer soak and higher yeilds and cleaner product.


Good tip to know!
Thank you!


Please let me suggest an alternative to RSO:

(This article was published in GROW magazine)

Todd McCormick Oil.pdf (127.6 KB)


Very good article. I already mix hemp seed oil with RSO, put in capsules, making salves. Put it in smoothies… Great stuff!


Skip using the RSO, you do not need alcohol to extract the cannabinoids, the hempseed oil is the perfect solvent.

The RSO is boiling off the terpenes and decarbing the cannabinoids.

Keep in mind that all alcohol boils off at 173°F, and with it goes many beneficial terpenes.


I have been looking for a while for such a recipe. I had missed your previous post… Thank you for sharing.
But now I have 2 questions, if you don’t mind.
1 : In the recipe, you mention to keep the ground flowers in hemp oil in the fridge for a few days… Is there a minimum amount of days to be sure we get all the benefits? I would not want to spoil everything by using it before it’s ready.

2: When and where will your book be available?