Has anyone used the agriair systems?

Hey everyone, I pull about 100 pounds every month. One of my bloom rooms has recently been contaminated with powdery mildew from our clone supplier. Once this harvest is pulled down Of course we sanitize everything. I’m wondering if anyone has every used the agriair systems and what their experience was using the system.

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Hi @bcloud9ine

That is terrible to hear and a huge amount of work on your room and systems to decontaminate the room. I have never used AgriAir myself, but @AgriairApril might have more information for you.


Hope you come right with your grow and looking into the product myself.

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Yes it hurts to see actually. I know they came from my supplier because they have pm on the same strains at the same time. Is pm something that can be removed from the plants using tissue culture?

I went into a grow in colorado years ago that had so much pm it looked like someone walked around with giant canisters of baby powder. It took me almost 2 weeks of working, but got all the pm gone and was able to have a decent harvest. I even removed the mites and thrips they had. I believe I was told that grow building is worth a couple million $ a year now. Anyway, I do not use any of The stuff like bud cure or stuff like that, that does not work, only makes it vanish a few days. Plus the redesign I did for their dispense grow Made it so they could double their harvest amounts. I used to go into grows and fix everything then leave.
So what are you trying to remove the pm? Sulfer burner? CO2 loading? Sprays? Cut down and burn? Just curious what your plan of attack is. I know these are a few of the things ive seen people try.


We’ve been using a preventative of suffoil and two days later using azamax when I spotted the PM I added a day of zerotol. We are currently in Week 6. Its basically just on the leaves of two strains In my 1071 sqft room. I just have my team on mold patrol spraying h202 and removing leaves. We’ve added dehu’s fans and spray the tables and tools the common things. The problem is I have a crew of people I have to go through to make any real changes to my grow facility. I’ve gotten the approval to purchase an agriair and I’m hoping that it’s use will just eliminate that pathogen from my room altogether. I know that I have to make sure I’m receiving good clean clones also.

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You know thats a good question on the tissue culture. I want to say yes, because you can get the spore gone off the live plants too. That pm is some nasty stuff. I saved a shit ton of dispensary asses from being shut down or filing bankruptcy by fixing their stuff back like 8 years ago. Thats when I learned what Eagle 20 was and what it truly means to be a systemic treatment. Hahaha years ago my friends in Cali would use Sulfer burners to raise the surface ph levels. In San fran that pm crap was everywhere.

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Yeah sulfur leaves a nasty smell and residue. I’d rather not use something systemic. I learned to grow down in Norcal and from what all the old timers say that pm was sent over by the french as a chemical warfare type deal to destroy the nappa valley wine industry back in the day. Not sure if that’s true or not but agreed its nasty and due to the shape of the spore it barbs itself into the tissue of the plant making it almost impossible to get rid of completely.