Has/Does anyone use Dyna Grow nutes?

Howdy everyone!

Was wondering if anyone here uses or has used Dyna Grow nutes, don’t see much about them. A while back I purchased their starter pack that is supposed to be good for basically one smalish grow, which is what I do (6) plants allowed here with the cultivation card from the state. I have had that starter pack sitting in the dark in the basement for a while now and need to get to using it if they are decent and worth using.

So if any of you do use or have used this line, how did you like it, and would you happen to have any pictures of that grow, or if you have done a grow journal already using these nutes could you drop me a link to it in a response. Also the basic questions like did you use hydro or coco or “soil”. Size of the pots or system. You know just the basic goodies.

Much appreciated !


Hummm…Ok well I guess not real popular lol. They claim they been making nutes for cannabis for 35 years…guess they still don’t have it right. I imagine they work fine, was hoping to get some feedback.

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@sssportsmfg I have been using the dyna-gro products. I am a rookie at this, but I haven’t had any issues with them. @happilyretired got me dialed in on how to use them.
I have pictures posted in my journal of my grow as yesterday. Today is 32 days since if flipped to 12/12.
I will tag you if you would like.


I have been using them for two years now. They work really good I’ve never had newt Burn or any deficiencies. The only problem I have had is if you store mixed nutrients only the flower nutrients for more than five days the pH drops hard suddenly. I don’t know what the differences between the bloom nutrients and grow nutrients but I have no problems with the grow nutrients. I am lazy I don’t want to mix nutrients every day and I want to get my system set up to where I can leave for a week. I can go six days without adding any PH up which works out pretty good because I usually mix 15 gallons and that’s what I use in seven days. Super easy don’t need to add any extra supplements. If you want more details in this PM me and and I’ll give you my number you can call me.


Yes please tag me I would love to see your journal using the Dyna gro nutes !! Thanks @benjblazen @happilyretired