Have you been on Strainly?

Super cool and I see that Growers network supports them ! This is what we have needed a long time great work guys for supporting what our industry needs … If you see me there say hello and have some packs up for trade as well ~!



We love Strainly over here! I’ve met some pretty cool breeders and we’re currently testing quite a few strains that were acquired there.


I am as well and have done business with quite a few prior to strainly so there are some real first class growers and breeders …


Hey everyone and Happy Holidays!

Been a bit busy with some upgrade plans lately… we’ve got some nice features in the pipeline for 2019.

Stay tuned…

Looking forward to some great conversations on GN next year :wink:



We look forward to a great 2019 and to seeing more of you on the GNET forum, @Strainly!



You can find my menu there. Feel free to message me.


sweet …
Looking forward to it !!!


cant wait to get your package… lol…


Hi everyone!

First, thanks for all the feedback. While it may seem like we take ages to take your feedback into account, it is always useful and seriously considered. Indeed, addressing your points can sometimes take a lot more time than we want. We don’t want to create more problems when solving one…

Some updates, clarifications:

  • It has always been free to create an account, and will always be. Our number mission is to empower the “small” guys. The more diversity of offerings, the better for everyone. If we put barriers to entry, to raison d’etre no longer exists.
  • We offer paid plans / subscriptions to SELLERS (you will never need to subscribe nor pay any access fee to BUY on Strainly). Those plans are optional for sellers.
  • You can post your items / create listings for FREE on Strainly, with no limitation. Subscription plans are optional if you want more features (run auctions) or exposure.
  • However, in order to filter out potentially opportunistic sellers, we require vendors to be on our Pro plan to offer Clones and TCs. You can have as many Seeds listings as you want, while remaining on the FREE plan.
  • There is no limitation to the number of transactions you can make (we tried limiting based on some users’ feedback in the past but it was too constraining and we removed that limit after a couple of months).
  • We review all listings manually to ensure quality, accuracy and clarity. It can take up to 24 hours to get your listings approved. We understand this can be annoying but believe it is necessary to ensure a certain level of quality and to avoid prohibited items to be listed (this is what kept us alive for all these years). Thanks for your understanding.
  • That said, once you reach 50 positive reviews, the approval process is much faster (a couple of minutes).
  • We will never control prices on Strainly. It is a free market, and if someone wants to look silly by posting a pack for a $100k… so be it. It is simply impossible for us to draw a line and arbitrarily dictate what something is worth to someone.
  • We are 110% for people leaving NEGATIVE reviews, when they are deserved. We often recommend people to leave negative reviews when they say they want to avoid the drama.
  • Subscribed / paid members will NEVER get a free pass to cut corners and get away with only positive reviews.
  • Regarding payments, we have spent most of the past 5 years looking for payment processing options. We spoke to dozens of payment processors, supposedly 420-friendly. The fine prints and/or the fees were always unacceptable to us (and our users).
  • Moreover, we take privacy VERY seriously. We do not KYC (require your ID) to use Strainly and never will. We just won’t cross that line. In order to provide fiat (USD, CAD, EUR…) payment processing, KYC is required. It means that your transactions and your ID are tied. Many online stores and apps in this industry do not worry too much about this topic. If they happen to be subpoenaed (for whatever reason), their clients’ IDs may end up being leaked to all kinds of agencies/parties. The best way to mitigate that risk for our users is to NEVER collect that info in the first place.
  • Traditional payments with credit/debit cards appear on bank/card statements. All deposits and transfers can be traced. Again, this is something we aim to avoid for our users. Privacy is key in our opinion.
  • Cash payments (cash in mail) are just not an option for many reasons. It can easily be seized/stollen. It is hard to confirm that the correct amount was sent. It is not fit for larger amounts. In case of a dispute, it makes it impossible for us to confirm whether the correct amount was sent and received, etc.
  • After years of benchmarking and brainstorming, we came to the conclusion that Bitcoin payments were the best tradeoff. Yes Bitcoin payments are visible on the Bitcoin blockchain, but no ID is tied to any payment. The purpose of the transaction does not appear on the blockchain. It is just a string of characters.
  • Without going into the detail, our system ensures maximum privacy, using best practices. We have worked on its development for 10 months now.
  • In terms of fraud/chargebacks, we also wanted to avoid having a payment system that allowed vendors to experience chargebacks after successful delivery. Bitcoin payments are irreversible. Fraud is impossible.
  • Regarding fees, our Bitcoin payment system is configured to minimize fees for all parties. We developed our own system. The payments are not processed by a third-party.
  • We appreciate that some of you may find using Bitcoin overwhelming. However, options really improved over the past year. A lot of you already use CashApp. CashApp now allows you to buy/sell and send/receive Bitcoin easily. Paypal and Venmo also allow to buy and send Bitcoin. We provide all the necessary guidance in our How it works section as well as on our blog. We will take all the time necessary to walk you through making your first Bitcoin transactions, never hesitate to reach out. Once you make your first Bitcoin transaction, you will be amazed by how trivial and fast it is! It really is.
  • We are about to implement Bitcoin payments between parties (likely this week). It allows us to offer buyers protection (something many of you have asked for a long time). The other payment options were simply too costly to allow us to provide such a service. The fees would have added up to almost 20% of transactions and expose your ID to third parties.
  • With our Bitcoin payment system, you can create your own wallet, which we have no control nor any visibility on (it is called “noncustodial wallet”) and receive payments instantly. We will take a reasonable fee (% of transaction) to afford the buyers’ protection that was long awaited.
  • As a buyer you can simply pay Bitcoin invoices directly from CashApp. As a vendor, you will be able to transfer your Bitcoin balance back (immediately) to CashApp or the exchange of your choice, to convert back into USD, EUR, etc.
  • We are working on a partnership to allow vendors to directly use their Bitcoin balance to instantly buy prepaid Visa cards anonymously. This will allow vendors to directly spend their proceeds however they want, online or in physical stores. All of this is 100% legal, legit and compliant.

If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to reach out via our platform.

Thanks for your patience (we have limited means) and understanding.