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Have you ever seen anything like this?

First time I’ve ever seen anything like this on any of my plants. Freak of nature type stuff. There’s a leaf growing from a leaf… Has anyone ever seen this?


I’ve seen flowers try to form there but never a leaf…


It’s a strange mutation but it happens from time to time. I would expect other genetic mutations elsewhere on the plant as well. Are you growing from seed?


Yeah, from seed. I’ve looked around on the other leaves and don’t see any other mutations. I’ve got 2 more like her going with no mutations. I just put her into flower last week so I’ll keep an eye on the flowers. I’d like to tell you what the genetics are but the seeds were a gift from a friend. The mother is an heavy indica that produces nice solid, sticky nugs instead of huge buds. Fruity and hashy with a purple hue. I’ll be harvesting 1 in about a week and will post pics. Thanks for the reply!


In my experience, with that particular mutation, I have only observed the phenomenon about one in 150-200 leaves produced by the plant. Keep your eyes peeled, it is bound to happen again. Looking forward to seeing more pics!


I know the feeling of not knowing the genetics of some my seeds given to me. This year keeping records. Feel blessed to have been gifted them.


1 leaf and then a leaf growing from the other leafs node. Pretty strange stuff.

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It’s like a 4 leaf clover! Feel lucky! lol

The buds will probably still be good in the end.

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