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Having some trouble


Here is my plant:
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I think I’m having a bit of trouble here with too much fertilizer. The pot has a mixer of 30 percent top soil ( all I had left) and the rest was the fertilizer provided below:

How would you recommend correcting this?

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Hi and welcome to GN @arsenioj. Your soil mix seems fine as miracle Gro does load it with nutrients. Does it give you any details on the packing N P K or something like that. However you will defintely need extra nutrients during the growth cycle. You cant rely on peat moss and potting soil. Here is an example on what to use for nutrients:

YOu could start with a promo pack of veg and bloom nutes:

# DaKine 420 Nitro Nutrients Sample Box - Starter Kit

# Lotus Nutrients Pro Series - Starter Kit

Sorry I could not view the picture correctly, can you try upload it again.
Hope that helps.