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He struck again

So I am being haunted by a damn wood chuck ate hlf of one of the gorilla glues walked right into the herb garden ate all the chickery walked right by the trap w all the veggies I used as bait and loaded and went right to the gorilla glue ande devoured it I’m so pissed how does he go thru my veggie and herb garden and only want weed I think I may resort to a BB gun if this keeps happening jus I don’t Wana kill him and I don’t Wana let my coon hound out there kuz hel jus mirk him i want to relocate him but this is stressing me out
… maybe I need another trap or a diff one

bait it with some gorilla glue by the sounds of it…


Awesome something I can help with I have hunted and trap animals for most of my life. There are foot hold trap called dog proofs that work great using Pheromones and bait will help if it’s a large animal use live traps same bait and same pheromones. Find the game trail that they are using and put the traps in the beginning and end of the trail. Boiling the traps to Eliminate your sent and only handle trap with gloves on good luck. If I can help anymore just message me.


Dude no joke I cut some of the of cheese he at the day before w some tomato and lettuce and he went into my herb garden and at chickery then went for the gorilla glue I have cams up on my property so by the time the motion alarm goes off and I run out the door he’s barreling outa the hole her dug under my fence I blocked the Hole w briks and he shoved am all outa the way fuckn smart lil bastard

I’m using a small rodent trap u used for racoons kuz I have a red bone I trained and hunted but he’s old now and retired and he’s last resort jus sicking him on him kuz I’m trying to jus relocate him but I’m starting to get fed up w this game

And my traps I use for hunting always sit out side w my gear so it shouldn’t have sent on it but I’m Guna try some peanut butter w the bait I used already and if that doesn’t work I might try this caster oil

Castor will definitely work dog proof trap will work without taking a chance of hurting the dog and even a snare wire by the fence will have a pretty damn good chance

Also try some clam juice or Sardines they work great for trapping small game.

Lololol haha sorry but fuck thats funny

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Man i would have shot the bastard by now. Id be waiting for his ass all night in my cover. I have a silenced .22 lr. For this exact reason. I hate raccoons there always trying to steal my ferrel cats food and fight with them. 2 yrs ago 6 racoons attacked my poor old homeless cat scroungie r.i.p. they tore him apart and ate it from the inside out. When there’s no more food racoons will eat cats, small dogs, rodents and all kinds of other animals. There horrible animals. If im out of the city say on my aunts farm there dead on sight. They kill the chickens, steal the eggs, steal the chicken feed. Woodchucks i had no idea. They were so troublesome also. Here you can kill red striped skunk, coyote, racoon. As there all ruled vermin here no permit needed no limits.


I totally agree! Kill the little rodent @shmodyshmott and forget trying to trap the thing. They’re a nuisance and there’s thousands more around your place. The world isn’t going to miss another dead rodent.

…lol… the joys of outdoor… with my dogs able to roam outside 24/7 at will through a dog door… I don’t have issues with rodents or cats…lol… the neighbours know that their cat goes over my fence it’s probably dead in the next 5-10 minutes…lol…

I could never let my red bone jus roam arms he spent the first 4 yrs of his life in a hunting kennel he should jus run away it’s happend so many times that’s why he’s retired and stays inside the house untill he’s wants to go out but he’s last resort jus I know jus gota take him down there let him sniff and dig him and iv let my dog kill 5 racoons and he will I jus don’t always like to watch that go down and I really wanted to relocate kuz in reality he’s jus a hungry animal and wants food but can’t foot the bill on me so il end up shooting him I have a. Feeling

Don’t laugh I swear that’s how it happened to me one day my brother was complaing about squirrels burning nuts in his pot plants and ripping all the roots up I got hit the next week

Well he didn’t take the bait ln so I’m going to get the Guna out tn and am Guna camp tm morning

Damn sorry it had to come to this.