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Headed to my brother's farm to grow

Hey all. I’m headed to Bend. I’m in Eugene now. About a month. I’m under the supervision of my brother, so he’ll guide the project forward and I’ll be there with him step for step. I’ve had a couple of brothers pitch in and they’re sending some seeds. Can you you all please help me and my brother out. One person wants to know how their seeds grow, I’ll track each minute, it’s off grid organic. Can you send us some seeds that you want grown, as far as observing, flavor testing
and research goes.
I’m super jazzed about olive oil extraction, I made one with black peppercorn, 1 part butter, 3 1/2 parts olive oil. (1oz of dried product) It wants to solidify in the fridge but the olive oil keeps it free flowing, beautiful. Anyways, we’ll be using material to make oil and butter extracts to be used topically, under/over the tongue or on food, with specific ingredients aimed at getting people outta the bed and outta the house and into a garden or onto a farm, or the ability to move forward with their life, the way they see fit. I’m hoping to come across those strains that aren’t the most glamorous, but The Most interesting. I’m hoping for the subtle expressions, and bold expressions of course, I just don’t want to leave any plants behind. I would like for the flowers :bouquet: to have a chance at life and give us their expressions. It touches my heart in ways I never knew possible. It’s been moving through my previously hardened disposition. I’m growing out of that, it’s been a lifelong process, but the responsibility is what I’ve been missing. SFBLW(Sorry for being long winded.)


My address is: Nathaniel Turner, 969 Highway 99 North, #A, Eugene, Oregon, 97402

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Good luck and we all hope the next step in your journey is rife with meaning, education and good vibes :evergreen_tree:


Thank you brother

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Anytime I have used olive oil or avocado oil it sets in the fridge and the butter doesn’t help… I use hemp seed oil or MCT oil…

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Right. My skin’s chemicals love olive oil. There are some similar working processes in olives and cannabis. That’s why I like olive oil the most, however, I could never just stop at using olive oil.