Health Canada releases paper on cannabis regulation

Canadians have until January 20 to respond to these recommendations:

  1. No limit on number of licensed cannabis producers, allowing micro industries to flourish
  2. The roll out of an efficient system for licensing due to competitive nature of the industry
  3. Reducing organized crime through legalization of marijuana
  4. Quality controlled cannabis products
  5. Tracking systems for reporting and regulating sales of cannabis products
  6. Rules for cannabis packaging: THC and CBD levels clearly listed, mandatory health warnings, clean design with color and images that will not entice children, and tamper resistant packaging.Federal Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor has released the Liberal government’s proposed cannabis regulations, giving Canadians until Jan. 20 to offer opinions on the measures before they are implemented.



#1 is great! I feel like businesses shouldn’t be hamstrung because they were late to the party. Micro-grows will be like artisanal alcohols, and a niche market. #2 logically follows from 1.

#3 heck yes! The reason that organized crime became so powerful during prohibition days was because of alcohol sale. Taking money out of the pockets of crime is the most effective way to end it.

#4, #5, #6 all good for the end consumer.

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Agreed! It looks like a pretty solid proposal to us too!