Hello 👋🏽 Everyone! I’m a new grower & will like some new grow friends lol

Ok thanks that made me feel better lol . I have one more question I’m not sure of. “ what should my LED light be on,? I have Veg & Bloom. I’m currently only using Veg.


this plant is amazingly resilient. Look up LST (low stress training) and see what kind of pretzels we turn this weed into to get it to grow in our spaces. The wedding cakes i just harvested, well, I completely looped the mainstream down towards the dirt and around itself , tied it there, and let the side branches grow up towards the lightit try to control the height of them. They turned out great, some of the best smoke i’ve put out in a while. It takes time to learn what to do and what not to do, you’ll get there.


If you’re growing Auto’s, wait until they are starting to show signs of flowering then add bloom. For Photo’s add bloom when you’re ready to flower them out. The Auto’s should show signs of flowering at 5 to 6 weeks of veg.


Okay then once 5-6 weeks have bloom and veg on or just bloom?


On my old lights I ran both veg and bloom for flower. My new lights I just increase intensity and change my light cycle times for indoors. For Auto’s indoors you can keep the same light cycle time.


So the gorilla glue auto and skunk F1 fast version don’t have to switch to 12/12 light cycle? @nacho151


If they are Auto Flowers, you don’t have to. Near the end to help with trichome production you can slowly lower the light on time down to 12/12 to finish them off. I always give all my plants about 48 of darkness before I harvest, it helps a lot.


the problem with miracle grow is multi-fold. First, the plants will grow, but the ph in the soil can become unstable causing all kinds of problems. 2) it’ difficult to flush those chems out of the dirt for a clean final product. Chemmy-tasting harsh buds suck. 3) it’s made by Scotts. They’re the enemy. Scotts (think monsanto) vowed to spend billions getting into the Cannabis business. They are huge global conglomerate that has bought up HydroFarm, General Hydro, Botanical, Gavita, and more. When they bought hydrofarm (mass distributor of grow gear) they totally screwed every hydro store i know of, constantly running out of supplies for the shoes, leaving them to fend off angry customers and had the attitude that they just did not care. The shell company that owns those companies is called The Hawthorne Group. not one dine of my money will go to this assholes. So do as you will, but you’re contributing to a huge problem.

like i said, spend the money on the fox farms products. For soil they’re excellent. That being said, Fox Farms Strawberry fields is my go to dirt. It’s coco based so the ph is even more stable. Peat tends to get acidic when it’s pissed off. Also, when Ocean Forest (peat based) gets too dry, water tends to run right through it. You have to soak it a bit. With Strawberry Fields (coco based) its much more forgiving if you let it dry out too much. and rewets touch more easily.


I’m using Fox Farm soils and nutes for the first time this year, along with BBP and my plants are doing better than ever.


@Bigfish27 ,
Welcome to the GN family my dear…

I want to ask a few questions and give a little advice…
First things first! Are you using R/O water for your grow? Water quality is going to be very important in indoor grows and even outdoor grows in CONTAINERS !
Outdoor grows in Soil will not be as critical…

Second, in order to monitor and control your nutrient program, it’s imperative that you have a good meter or two…(I know you’re on a budget) but a GOOD quality pH meter and ppm (or EC) are the ONLY way you’re going to be able to successfully and consistently grow great cannabis…

I would worry about these basics LONG before I’d get concerned with my lights! (not that they’re unimportant)

Good luck and if you need references from these guys/girls ask away!!!


Welcome BigFish! I grow outside, but occasionally I do some vegging in my closet, or breeding in my spare bedroom. If I can be of any help, I am glad to.
( But I might be more an example of how not to do things! Lol. I’ve learned a lot of lessons from mistakes-- no biggie!)
Party on, Wayne!


welcome @Bigfish27 . the most important part of all this i learned is that ITS A WEED! have fun, make mistakes, and dream really BIG!