Hello Everyone!

Hi guys, just joined the community and I am excited to get to know you all. My name is Sean Reed, and I am with a tech startup called Seshat Sensing. We are developing hardware that will allow you to test your cannabis for THC/CBD potency, along with a variety of plant photosynthetic and soil health parameters. We are combining this with an online platform that will allow you to track all this data through created projects to see how different variables affect your grow in a scientifically rigorous manner.

I am interested to hear from everyone in the cannabis community, especially growers. I really believe what we have to offer with our analytics on the online platform can help you have a much deeper insight into your plants, and how your management techniques effect final outcomes like yield or potency.

A little more about me personally, I am a 2016 graduate with degrees in horticulture science and environmental sciences and have been working since in a plant research lab specializing in taking lab technology and making it available in handheld versions for people in the field. I enjoy video and board games, maybe someone here plays League :D!

Hope to connect with many of you soon, drop me a line, ask me a question or visit our website at Seshat.tech

Thank you,
Sean Reed


Welcome to the community…


Very interesting! Let’s connect. Do you have the online platform already? I am always trying to broaden my horizons and it sounds like the work we did at 420Tech with PharmWare could benefit your project!


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We do not have our online platform up yet, end of September I think is the last word I got from the developers, we are using the PhotosynQ platform right now for validation, itll be nearly the same, just based for cannabis. Tell me about your PharmWare :smiley: