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Hello from Arizona -

Close enough :rofl:

It was in my head to do at least a few for comparison, but, when thinking about my outdoor adventures, the bigger pots were always better (I grow in pots outside in Arizona).

I ordered 5 gallon fabric bags with intent of starting to transplant today, but delivery has been delayed a day or two. I am using this brand of 3 gallon, now, and they have been beyond expectations.


Doesn’t get any healthier that that! They look fantastic. I am a genuine Arizonian. Born in Chandler.

But have never seen the state. Pop was in the Airforce , moved to Japan when I was 3 months old. Born at the AFB in Chandler.


Very nice sir highly impressive

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Thanks for the compliment!


Thank you. If in AZ, stop for a visit.

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Outdoor Irrigation Installation Day!

The plan is to have overhead misting on valve one, feed four plants each from valves 2 & 3, valve four for fruits/veggies.

Plan: Back-flow preventer - “solids” filter - distribution unit - female attachments for 1/2” ID tubing - “tee” valve for individual line - ball valve to even pressure to plants - “halo” water distribution ring with full 1/2” feed. Small flexible hose garden hose pieces will be installed between back-flow & filter and filter & master valve. 1/2” I.D. Rainbird tubing will connect all of the pieces “post” master valve.

Master valve is programmable by Bluetooth and the on/off was tested prior to todays installation. It (master valve) asks for alkaline batteries, but I will be installing lithium ion batteries so it should go a full season.

We are planting native bunch grasses around the outside of the grow house, we started yesterday. We are using Bamboo Muhly (Muhlenbergia dumosa) as a screen on the south side. It will grow to a dense hedge with just a small amount of water.

IF there is time, it is also transplant day for my plants in my 5tent! Thanks for the advice to move to a bigger pot before flowering, it will be done in the next days.


Filter situation/backflow prevention/master distribution valve unit is now installed!

Native plants are being incorporated around the perimeter, with bunch grasses and ground cover added today.

Shade cloth will go over the top in the DEAD HEAT of summer and the hip board-to-the-ground area will have white shade cloth added in late summer, as needed.

I have INCREDIBLE help from my friend who is a master carpenter. I create these ideas, I tell him “I want to do this …” and he helps me make it real. We are making a list of the parts I need to finish the whole thing. A conventional pvc-tubed mist system will go down the top-center line.


Transplanting! Tree hugging!

3 to 5 gallon bag transfer. We got three of nine done, today.


Nice man id grow in my green house but im not done with electrical for my fans to turn on. And its not legal…dang. my green house was 105f yesterday and outside was 69f with all the vents shut. Ugh more stuff to do.

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Cool set up. I moved to Tucson a little over a year ago and started indoor growing. I like the bbq sensor idea. I can’t justify cooling my whole house against AZ summer so I’ll copy you and monitor the roots.

Do you know of any local grower clubs or groups? I met a couple growers at the MMJ lounge on 4th Ave a few years ago, but that place is gone. It would be cool to have a network of hobby level growers around here.


I do not know of any hobbyist growers group, but, we can start the Tucson discussion here.


More defoliation, but, it doesn’t show. They were defoliated four days ago. They will get another heavy defoliation in a couple of days All in the 5tent are now transplanted to five gallon bags. That was completed yesterday and this is how they looked at noon today.

Lights were reduced to twelve hours of running today, too. I will get a net installed in the next few days.


Thanks for the advice to all on this forum!

These have all been defoliated AGAIN since the last photo. Center left plant looked WORSE than the two in the far corners forty-eight hours ago. The order they were done is obvious in their recovery.

Several that were done over the last two days have already eclipsed the ‘benders’. Some great clone stock was obtained, if you are in the Tucson area, I will have extras.


Added a net today. This is my first indoor grow and I am very happy so far. Any advice would be welcomed!

Here is the view from the live-feed streaming camera.

Finishing the irrigation on the outdoor arrangement tomorrow!


Looks great man! Is that 4 inch netting?

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The holes are 3 1/2”.

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This is so awesome! Im in Tucson as well! Grow look excellent!


We are north of town. Come by and have a look, sometime.

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What size is your tent?