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Hello from medical missouri

Just wanted to make a post and say hello. I’m patiently waiting for my first grow tent to come in the mail today🙌
My first set up will consist of a 4x4 grow tent, a parafacts 1000w led, with of course oscillating fans and a carbon filter.
I’ll be starting out pretty basic using Fox Farms ocean forest soil, and fox farms liquid fertilizers. I hope to move to mixing my own growing medium after getting my feet wet a bit :sweat_smile:

The first round will be all volunteer bag seeds in order to test my sexing and training skills and to also learn to control my environment.

I absolutely cannot wait to see where this goes. I’m extremely passionate on learning how this beautiful plant grows. I’ve enjoyed it all my life and now I have the means to set up a nice grow and I hope to make my way into the industry one day.

I would love to connect with anyone here, if there’s any comments on anything I’ve said I would love the feedback. I hope to be posting in here often. Happy growing :revolving_hearts:


Welcome aboard!
If you’re growing in a 4x4 you’ll need more light than the 1000W. I would be willing to bet that it’s only 250W actual draw.
It’ll work for veg, but when you get set to flowering, you’ll need more light.


I was mistaken! It’s actually 2000w

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Welcome to GN.
Can’t wait to see and share in grow info.

When you set your pots get some DE- Diotomatious Earth- you would need to put a heavy layer of DE on top of FF soil. From what I understand FF soil can have bugs or mites. DE will kill all. Look it up on interweb. Works very well. Has kept any bugs from my plants and garden outside. Make sure to get food grade. I set my pots a couple of days b4 planting in them. I put DE on soil them then a couple days I plant. May save a lot of headaches. Once DE gets wet it dissapears so best to leave it on a day or two b4 planting and watering.


Awesome tip about the DE. I have lots on hand bc it works great in the yard to get rid of the fleas. I’ll for sure prep my pots early and get some DE on them. I’ve read about sometimes bugs will be in the different soil based mediums. I’ve got my eyes on mixing my own coco based, hopefully next round. :revolving_hearts:


11/ 1 / 2019 just completed my maiden voyage in a 4x4, and started under a 1000w LED that only drew 120 true watts, only to realize, that the more light you get to the ladies the more they will perform, this something I noticed when stepped up the light output by adding additional lights in the tent, or a bigger light…happy grow


Welcome! @PookySlim welcome to the GN. Welcome to our family. Keep us posted on whats going on and please ask questions if you need help??

Welcome to the community. I am also Missouri Medical Cultivation licensed/certified. I am just outside of St.Louis. I am getting parted together, so it will be good to see success stories from others.