Help 2nd week of flower

Are these males??? Not sure i have only ever grown feminized…
And or anyone else that can help these were names I had in my head and could remember atm. Thank you one and all in advance!!!

Yes they are.

Thank you and shit… I gotta kill them right?

Yeah if your not breeding or getting pollen then off them now.

Yeah cull them males

Were the seeds feminized or just regs

@PreyBird1 Thank you. I am not that experienced to breed or collect pollen. But it makes me super sad just to kill them. I currently have 3 other girls in the room what would happen if I left them to finish?

Oh @PreyBird1 super happy you made it thru that accident been riding on the back since I was a baby…

@mouse935 I think regs. I planted three at the same time this is the third

They’ll pollinate your female’s and produce seeds not much thc though due to energy expended to produce seeds

If you have a mister you might want to use it on the males before you remove them from the grow.

So my girls will all make seeds?

Ok just thought it might have been a feminized that hermied

I do have a mister @Olcoot but pulled them from room about 3 ft though

Yes sir nothing but seeds

He meant to mist the plant down before moving to not spread any pollen if sacs get popped. Id try and keep one alive and collect the pollen in a bag for shots and giggles. Make ur own seeds

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Crap crap crap. I wish I had more room and I would try. I love to experiment. But I flipped veg room to flower 2 weeks ago so both grow rooms are in flower as I am trying to finish up all plants so I can run away for a bit this covid crap has kept me in quarentine since March and I need to escape…

Thank you all for your help!!!

If u can put at least one Male growing away from the girls . Then collect its pollen you can take a small paint brush and pollinate one fem bud then cover with a paper bag over the bud stapled closed then let it sit like that for probably 4 to 5 days and you’ll have seeds w/o pollinating the entire grow p.s. take the fem out of the tent when you pollinate

@mouse935 sorry but it was a quick death and off to compost for them both maybe next grow round i will prep ahead for a male and see what I can do but for now I just wanna finish up these last 6 and take a break from life… looking to find quiet spot someplace warm in 3 months…