Help captain i think My plants are dying

Hey Roy heer i need of A captain to help me out.

Im for My calculations in week 7
Of a amnesia grow of 5 plants
I went to give them water But when i openend My

tent it wasnt the happy seight im used to and need Some advice


What was different to you? The yellow leaves toward the bottom? Sorry, that lighting makes it very hard for me to see exactly what you’re talking about.

Thanks for the reply Pompe Yes alles the yellow leaves and weak look of everything. Sorry for the bad pics My iPad isnt Being cooperative lol.
Iv been doing research And i think iT might be a nitrogen deficiency? Help

Ok, what is the medium you are using? IO of liquid you feed the plant with?

When you get to the end of life with plants they are doing to start to consuming themselves. Which is a natural process. Now if this was happening in the first couple of weeks in flowering then you have a problem. What have you been feeding your plants? And when did you switch to your flowering feed? If you did not keep into the flowering with a mixture of the grow and flowering nutes then that could explain why. Ph balanced the same ? Organic or salt base nutes? You have to be able to look back at what you did during the the grow. You said seven weeks from light switch? or are these auto? or photo-periods?

Thanks for the reply man i just somt know what io is

H ey Tinker thanks man! Yes i maar aware of thuis happening in the end of a plants life span but im in week 7 of flowering and i dont think its going gold right now im adding Some new pics sorry for the lighting!

I might have fcked up and added

About 4 weeks to soon and thats giving me these problems if this is the problem how do i fix

Ph is 5.5-6.0
Medium is coco

You could flush the plant until the ppms come down and stay on only water for a day or so? Im not super sure completely. Im sure some one will chime in and help more.

You should never flush the coco with only water. use light mix of your feeding fertilizers. Until ppm/EC is at the desirable level.

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They don’t need much nitrogen at this stage. The leaves yellowing at the bottom of the plant may be doing that because they aren’t getting enough light. This is normal when using grow lights instead of the sun. Leaves at the bottom get shaded easily plus artificial lighting looses par efficiency fast with distance. The pots look kind of dry, they might need some water. What ppms/ph have you been feeding them?