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Help don’t know what happened!

My plants have started to dry out of no where I’m really sad and ready to give up does anyone know why this happened? Week 8 of flowering I am so sad right now


Did you flush b4 flower? Nute lockout? Many more knowledgeable like @chrisj, @hoppiefrog, @oldguy. Help a guy out.


It will help others to help you if you give more info about your grow.
Growing medium
Anything to help them understand.


Looks like they got too hot and dry and had wind burn if I had to guess, could also be fungal is the stock sticky or slimey? Hard to break or cut?


I always found fungal issues made for strange spongey stickey stalk


Those are “crispy critters” :frowning:

I would say heat stress and root problems because of it, other things to consider

Mold/Fungus often occurs in conditions of high humidity and lack of sufficient airflow

Fungus Gnats a possibility, it happens fast, you can normally spot them on the topsoil where they lay their eggs, usually is a sign of overwatering, they love a moist environment.


I think it was wind burn is my guess because one half of the tent is fine one half is basically burnt to crisp. I grow hydro my plants were beautiful before I went to my operation and seen the temp at a whopping 32 degrees which i know is very detrimental when it comes to the flowering stage Especially so late in the stage

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Sorry man to much calcium or nutrients to close on your previous one or like the guy say not flush it good bro.

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