Help fast acting yellow to brown spots

New growth has fast acting yellowing spots turning to brown. Grown in soil using basic Fox farm. Two separate strains having trouble but same but others ok.

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Hi mate

A bit early for me to tell. Are the leaves getting thicker and brittle? Have a look at - B. Boron / deficiency?

Also, have you checked these things?:
-Calcium and Magnesium?
-How hard is your water? Is it dechlorinated, PH-balanced?
-Light intensity?
-Soil temperature?
-Environment (temp/RH)?

Maybe you’ve seen these pictures before, or maybe they can be of any help, but here they are:

Happy growing :v:


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All your new growth looks good to me that’s an old leaf, it seems to have gotten past the problem from those pictures. The rest of the plant looks good to me. :+1:t3:

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Now these are all different strains. The largest and darkest is a Gelato Cake from GreenPoint Seeds. The one with very little chlorophyll is also from the same pack. The other 5 gallons are AK48 from Nirvana seeds and the cups are all Little Finger Riot Seeds. My PH is 7.0 out of the tap but run through the soil it’s 6.1 to 6.4. I use Fox Farm ocean forest and have been using just water. I was using Fox Farm nuits according to the schedule but stopped a month ago when they looked burned? Any thoughts on the lime green leaves and the slow growth?

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I would just pick up your ntes again!