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Help first grow broke the top

This is my first grow. I was wondering why all the leafs look like there pointing down or sagging. They just started a day or so ago and I didn’t change anything am I doing something wrong or is this normal?

Could be overwatering, droopy, dark green, heavy leaves, if you are growing in soil make sure the top 1" soil is dry between watering , with soiless(coco,peat) it is very hard to overwater.

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Ok I’ve been watering a little bit everyday I never really have any run off and do you water around the same time everyday or just when needed

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Don’t water everyday water 1 to 2 times a week until they get larger

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Dang ok is it ruined? and I always watered around half of a red solo cup or so. I thought it wasn’t enough water but maybe it caught up since I was watering everyday? I’ve followed the temp and rh chart very close there’s been times where there rh is off a couple but usually keep a close eye on it and get it back to where it’s supposed to be pretty quick.

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It will recover just let her dry out before watering again. cannibas plants are very resilient they can recover from most mistakes. Keep us posted on this thread. All of us will help you.

If your plant is in soil you should water when the plant dry out and need watering not on a set schedule, has the plant grows and the environment change(temp, humidity) the plant water/nutrient needs change. In soiless(coco,peat) that when you need a runoff(20-30%)because this media has excellent drainage, I grow with soiless(Promix/perlite) and I water/nutrient every second day with 30% runoff without issues.

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Ok will do thank you guys for the help I’ve taken these pics along the way she’s about 25 days old I

81F with 45% humidity if I read the hydrometer correctly is out of bounce and not in the sweet spot.
That is #1 right out the gate before I look at the plant.
Conditions are really important. Dial on a VPD the best you can.
The hydrometer is at a cool spot on the floor.
Raise the device to leaf canopy or put a infrared laser temp gun on your wishlist.
VPD is based on leaf temp to get nerdy, Vapor Pressure Deficit.
VPD puts force on the leaves. Increase Natural gas exchange is important for tropicals like cannabis.
After you fix that, can you take a photo under white light.
I don’t like photos in the Morning myself but plants can show us what is going on then.
At dusk or bedtime cannabis usually points down or when they hate life and want to sleep.
Welcome, let’s get this baby praying up.
Genetic Expression is what I’m looking for.
Kyle M


Ok like should I put it in the pot just to raise it like would that be more accurate than the floor? Also it’s a 2x2 tent so just opening the door to mess with it drops the rh a ton. It usually 62 to 64%

I have trouble when the lights are off with the rh being to high I have one fan in there should I put a second one or do you have a recommendation for a good one? I have a little 6 inch fan clipped to the top of the tent I was thinking if I get a second one get one that sets on the floor?

Idk if it makes a difference but it’s a og auto flower. Also is it ok for the fan to be blowing on the plant it’s self or will that damage her?

No you don’t want the fan blowing directly on them it will wind burn them

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Ok that’s what I thought do you just point it towards the wall then lol

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If you are not running a inline fan you should put the fan outside at one of the bottom port holes blowing air in. And open one of the top homes as well. Your plant is getting big enough to need decent air exchange. You can add a clip on to the top on the inside blowing down as well. You need some air blowing to strengthen stems. Peace

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Ok I opened it up for more air flow. I was looking at getting the cloudline t4 but didn’t know if it was worth it for my 2x2

Here’s some pics I got in regular light


Coming along nicely keep at it

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Idk if you can see it but I just snap the top it’s only broke like not even a quarter of the way around the steam should I just cut it off or leave it it’s right above the node going front to back

Just tie it up so its standing and not leaning over it should heal up then u can remove garden string or wire whatever you have huh

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