Help! I think burned my pants!

So this idiot told me to put 200ml of cal mag in my water pot and not my res. Me being the “beginner” that i am i listened and now i think i burned my plants. They’re in week one of veg and they’re turning a bit yellow and kind of twisting. I flushed it the day after (yesterday) after realizing what a stupid thing i did.

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Overdose on calmag should not burn your plants, and lucky you did not put it in your res, that could have caused a few problems.


I hope that you didn’t get that bad info here. but most everyone here really knows their shit . lots of very experienced growers in all techniques and media and they are so very helpful and usually polite lol also welcome to the gn fam happy growing Louis


Maaaaaan thanks for telling me because maaaaan i was SAD! I have a hard time figuring out where to actually put my nutes. In the water pot? Or the res… help meeeeeee! Lol

Nope not here, it was a friend of mine. It’s my first grow so I’m learning hella lol

Changed my lights too along with some other things. My tent kept hitting 95-98 degrees with a 58% humidity. So i bought led lights, and a portable AC.

Is that hps light the set up from before? That was getting hot? If so those lights work better if you pull air through the carbon filter then into the light then the tube out of the light then the fan. This takes 80% of the heat out of the light immediatly and sucks it out of the tent.


The led board will grow those all the way uo to 4’ easily. I love those lights. I have 2 smaller ones on these really cool light mounts 1 finger to move them up or down


Yeah the HPS lights were from before. I live in a condo so it’s hard to vent the air out the window. So now i went to LED, and I’m going to vent the air to another carbon filter outside the room. So far i love these lights man!!!


Don’t give up on it just yet. Check out my plant that got chemical burn at week 4. It bounced right back


wow one of the guys on here came up with an idea. Where he took a 5 gallon bucket and made a filter in the bucket. And a flange attached to the bottom and top of bucket. And the air would filter inside the bucket and get recaptured and plumbed into the house venting system and the house hvac handled the air flow after the filter air Was scrubbed.

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Wooooow the beautiful bounce back!

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Where is this?? Do you know?

Way too much for that stage of growth

Noted :sweat:

Try flushing and transplantig

Um i think its was ladi thief. I cant remember. I thought i bookmarked it. Hang on. Hey @Ladithief hey didnt you have that inline filter installed in the 5 gallon bucket where it revents into the house hvac system? @xgx13xgx now i remembered. You made the inline filter.

Sorry wasn’t me…I will try to remember who that was… I @tdubwilly is creative in this way… anything that would help him be lazy growing he would try…lol…


Lmfao thanks y’all!