Help Identifying a Pest -- DinoLite Video

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Greetings all!

I have just started the year with a new journey in cultivation here in Southern California. Reaching out the community to assist in my learning process.

I am seeking insight on this pest, as three experts now all have differing opinions. I am in the process of submitting samples to get identified by an entomologist. Any suggestions or referrals on experts experienced with cannabis pests would be appreciated insight as well.

Currently in the seventh week of flower.
Utilizing SNS-209 in the root zone and Lost Coast Plant Therapy as a foliar.
No visible damage to the plant.
Growing in Rockwool - Netafim Dripper System - HPS + CMH

Thank you all!


I have no clue, but that thing is ugly!


It has been a long time…it didn’t take this long to get to the answer…but it is:

Dalotia (formerly Atheta ) aka Rove Beetle

Big thanks to Beneficial Insectary, they confirmed…great knowledge and passion for biological controls over there.

Happy Growing!

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