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Help in Packaging!

We are a LP in the state of Illinois. Up to this point we have done hand packaging, labeling and shrink wrap/tamper tape on all of our products. As the Illinois market continues to mature we are looking into the start of more automation. I have started to investigate labeling machines, heat tunnels, and counting machines. Have any of you gone through this transformation? Did you find equipment that helped? Any advice would be appreciated.


Calling @EquipManufacturers, @EquipSuppliers, @growopowners, @GrowOpEmployees, @DispensaryEmployees, @DispensaryOwners, @ProcessorEmployee, @ProcessorOwners, @GrowingSystems to help with some packaging needs…whew! Thanks for your help, folks :+1:


Reach out to Tod Berger out of Denver.
[email protected]

I know he works in packaging and may have the information you need for automation.

Brian Gandy

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Thank you gentlemen for getting the ball rolling. Much appreciated!


Here to help :+1:

Yes, this transformation is definitely happening in this space. Form filled sealing is going to become more common in this industry with several exciting new units from manufactures we work with being revealed at MjBizCon this year. Feel free to give me a call or email, if you have any questions I would be happy to help. ([email protected])

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Interesting thing I noticed when visiting PackExpo (the biggest packaging technology conference), that a lot of the vendors don’t want to sell to cannabis at all.

So I started approaching them with “need to package hops”, and “a viscous natural oil” so they’d talk to me.

Have a few referrals to label printer & labeler companies who are open and willing to serve our needs as an industry. With multiple SKU’s and strains and variable data with the testing results, printing your own can be an option.

Let us know how we can help!