Help - Is my Blackberry Sick?

Hi growers!

It’s my first time growing and I’m here to ask for your help please. It’s day 56 and the leaves have some spots and yellow edges.

I’ve been trying to make it as simple and natural as possible, from my research I tried to use the following, I’ll share more info:

Strain: blackberry auto
Day 1: August 7th
Soil & Veg: planted in the final pot (16l) with plagron lightmix adding only Mycorrhiza in the soil and adding bacto once a week during waterings
Nutrients: started using 1-2ml/1liter (for 4 plants) organic bloom BAC during second week of flowering (Day 36, day 45, day 51)
Average temperature: 22 celsius
Average humidity: 62%
Light: 18h, Led series 600 (Viparspectra)

Both of the blackberries have the same symptoms, do they look sick? Maybe it’s due to nutrients and I should cut the BAC? Light? I’m a bit lost.

Here are the pics from both blackberries:

Thanks a lot!


Hi @lucygreen

Welcome to GN. Your blackberry looks great. It might be early signs of nutrient burn or a pH issue with your water or soil. I think I can also see signs of spider mites. Look under the leaves and look for really small insects or webs. Plan B might be needed.


Thanks a lot @chrisj! I’ll check more carefully for spider mites, so far I couldn’t find any insects or webs. In case I do find them, any special tips to treat them during flowering?


Captain Jacks Dead Bug is safe for use in flower. Up to two weeks before harvest. Happy growing!


I’ll check that asap, thanks a lot @covertgrower


You need a loop to see them. They are very very small. Your phone works to if your hands don’t shake like mine lol.


Are the webs super small to see or would they be Visible to the naked eye?

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Webs take a bit and the right hot environment to flurish. If its wet or chilly it makes them slow