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Help my son needs a job near Eugene

My son is 22 years old he moved to Eugene about 3 years ago now for some girl. There no longer together but he loves it out there and don’t want to come back to Connecticut :frowning: He has his growers license. And many years experience on many farms. I’m trying to help him find a job he loves. He’s the best son ever. Once you meet him you’ll hire him he’s really such a nice person. Help a good guy out.

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Every farm in Oregon is hiring right now, entry level wages go up every day. Few can find help fast enough for new people to get their worker permit takes 3-4 weeks. Check out face book pages like Oregon cannabis harvest, and others. Most are temp jobs, but get someone through the year. A great worker could get retained or make good contacts. Hemp farms and apple farms are competing for people as well.
He can drop a resume by our farm we may need help soon 55 Q st cottage grove 97424 pacific green growers

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Thanks soooo much I just forwarded him your email. Hopefully something pans out for him. He’s a great kid I just want him to succeed in life. Doing something he loves.


It’s a dog eat dog industry though… I love it but have to get 3 years more at my real job for my pension then I would love to enter the industry… I truly sense a bottle neck happening… especially in Canada where there are pounds and pounds of weed from legal grows… I have friends pulling 2-3pounds per plant from their legal 4 plants… the price of a pound is about $1000 now… I am converting everything to hash as the hash is good but if you know what you are doing that is where it is at… I wish your son the best and having a job you love… makes it all worth while…

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