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Help. Not grow


3 weeks ego start flavoring but not grow. Any help please masters. And Im new here

Welcome to GN! Plenty of helpful and knowledgeable people here!
Being a noob myself, all I can think to ask is : Why do you want to grow a male? Are you breeding?

And the real growers will need some info to be able to help you :
What kind of soil, light, temperature and humidity?


That really looks like a male plant to me, are you breeding.


İts must be a female I buyed from seedsman auto bluedream. Also cat little and smoked this making my head little.

I had a female plants also in same growbox. They are just 2 weeks plants. Male plant make other female plants male too if they growing same box?

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No, if you have a male amongst the female it will pollinated them. So you’ll end up having buds with lots of seeds in them.
They will still be female but the flowers will be full of seeds and you want to avoid that!

If they are autoflowers, let’s tag some people who grows them. Maybe they’ll know better!
What do you think @deusoboy420?

@lexis that’s a male or it’s hermied

Sorry :neutral_face:… Contact the seed company if you ordered fem’d



Nobody knows. I buyed from seedsmanseed. So my little other 3female plant male anymore? I dont know what I have to do know. Can I smoke them when they grow? I never grow male Im new grower for smoke in my home.

I don’t see any white pistils, I say that’s a male plant, not hermed but straight up male in my opinion.


Hi Lexis,

I would tend to come down on the side of what others have said; this looks like a male plant. Although Seedsman is generally a reputable dealer, even the very best breeders cannot guarantee 100% female on feminized seeds. Moreover, it has been my experience that seed retailers are not always breeding all the seeds that they sell, which means they are sourcing from breeders. As you may know, not all breeders are created equal. Many breeders are coming out of the woodwork now, as they screwed up somewhere along their production lifecycle, ended up with a ton of seeds. Instead of removing the seeds and throwing them away, which would be the right thing to do, many have gotten into the seed retailing business, claiming that they are breeders, and can vouch for their genetics. Unfortunately, it takes many years, and very well controlled process to become a decent breeder. You may have purchased seeds that are not what you think they are, nor what the “breeder” says they are.

The upside to all of this is that experience is the best teacher. You will undoubtedly walk away from this experience better off for having encountered this situation, and will be better-armed with insight/information for your next cycle. Once you have found a strain that is doing what you would expect it to do, ie: right yield, right potency, right photoperiod, I would suggest sticking with it, and honing your skills on that strain over many successive iterations. This will allow you to become expert on that strain, and on that particular phenotype. Then, when you add a new strain to your collection, you have a firm understanding of criteria that is meaningful to you, and you can use this to gauge the performance of new varieties in your garden.

Happy growing!



This a male plant. I zoomed in. Clearly male. U must becareful buying “feminized” seeds. They aren’t always female.


@cbravmann that is SOOOO true :wink:

Yes that is a male plant or a hermaphrodite

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Female plant on the left male plant on the right


Could be where the bugs came from too