Help Please Any suggestions on what this is?

Hard to tell seeing the pics, having said that I’m seeing that the tips of leaves are brown or dead, and the leaves are getting brown spots. Plant otherwise looks healthy & green. Are the stems soft?

My guess is over-fertilization (especially N), could be over-watering and damaging the roots as well, and it could be insufficient soil aeration (not enough perlite).

My 2 cents worth.

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@garybo u are right sir that’s the leaf read I get as well looks like bunch of deficiency check everything soil pH water pH ppm and start w hlf ur recommend dose

If one learns to read the ppm going into and out of the soil, the plant will tell you what it needs and when.

Thanks a lot she woke up about an hour ago flushed caught first runoff her EC was 5.5. Salt build up locking her out of nutrients. Deficiencies were coming from her early runoff of 5.0. Flushed her down to about 485 ppm tds and an EC of 1.3. Next feed will be in about four or five days from now with an EC of 1.8. Tds will be around 700 ppm

This is my other plant Blue dream Flower week 5.The deficient one is True Og Kush

What do u have for ventilation bud jus kuz they look like there kinda tacoing

Now your talking, this kind of treatment will convert that young lady into a real beauty queen. Blue Dream is my wife’s favorite afternoon smoke.

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I’m waiting on exhaust fan and a wall mount fan to come in. Not to mention my window unit went out day before yesterday so tent stayed 90° F for two days replaced it yesterday now temps are back down to 78-80° F constant. With a RH 40% Constant.

You should have a cfl array ready in case you have malfunctions that involve heat issues. If something fails and it gets 90°+ that’s no good. Its better to keep the light cycle the same but use less heat intensive cfls till you solve issue causing heat. But that is some kind of nutrient issue icmag has a great sick plant identifier. Someone should create one here? I been here like 2 minutes and nutrient abuse is rampant!

yea I have not used a ec or tds pen in years. Just use half of whats recommended on the bottle and throw some cane syrup or molasses right before flush. Lights grow buds not nutes.