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Help the BEE'S

Hello, just a chat about Bee’s. About 10 years ago I asked my hubby not to mow the grass untill the bees have had their fill. Now small towns are are calling April and May No mow months, for the same reason.
So if you haven’t mowed your lawns yet Wait! Let the bees have the tiny flowers for now.
Thank you for reading this.


@fifth that is very mindful and mostly people mowing lawns would never even give a bee a second thought. We have loads of dandelion flowers coming through the lawns. They product nice yellow flowers that the bees love. Good idea to be mindful and work with nature.


Bees are an essential role for mother nature for sure!! Most people swat them away or kill them like flies but they do play a key role in pollinating flowers so that the cycle can continue


Absolutely. I really hate wasps but they fit in as well.