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Help to determine plant sex

Hi all, this is my first grow and I am having trouble determining the sex of my plant. I have included some photos. It is hard to see but could someone please let me know if they think it is male or female? I am not sure of the strain but it looks like it is an auto. Thanks in advance.

Looks like a hermaphrodite

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Yo @preybird1 what u think

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Definitely looking like a hermie. But good information would help more. That’s why this site needs a help ticket system. So they can give you all the appropriate information needed to make a educated answer. It is pretty simple add on to the forum. Maybe @chrisD or @chrisj can make that happen. Peace


I don’t see any signs of it being a hermie. I think it’s growing weird because you have a clone that was taken during flower and wasn’t given a 24 hour light schedule to kick it back into veg. I’ve done it before and it will grow weird. One two and three leaf fans and the buds don’t develope correctly.



I have to say your plant hermied on ya @Gaz. I think I can see pollen sacks on your plant.

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They can be empty. I’ve had cylaxes all phat like those. I have them rocking now. I will occasionally poke them to make sure they are empty. Lol

Yeah no bananas. Your good from what I see.

Thanks guys, I am sure that you are right. I must have stressed it out somehow earlier on. Something else I have learnt. Has anyone used a herme for making oil or cannabutter?

Def not a hermie it’s a female jus looks a lil mutated and lil over fertilized ur leaves a berry dark green no the best sign depending on strain u want lighter greens to dark foe to long means ur plants not running right producing it’s sugars and salts to feed it’s self so they slow there systems down and grow in a sparatic construction form not so much a natural fibinachi sequence like alot of plants

It’s has souch to do with berometrics and the placement of the moon earth and son , so depending on where u r in the world at what time this will grow better than others so last month there’s a massive berometrics shift and jus from the pressure changing tells the plants it’s time to die so the become more susceptible to everything , replication , decay , bacteria , and accepts it’s future and dies so these lil things all cause stress and everything reacts not jus plants