Help why is this happening?

Why is this happening?? The new lights?? To close??

When I woke them up this morning one was looking like this??? :frowning:

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Can you take a picture of the plant in a natural envirenment (no growing lights)

In the meantime, I would look on the underside of the leaves for any mites or webs (check your plants really good for webs/critters)

Looks like one right there. How do I get rid of them

Check the ingredients used… Only use all natural!!!

Just some words of advice… Always make sure your environment and equipment is sterilized and clean before you start growing… It’s really easy when growing indoors as you control the environment your plants grow up in… Lighting schedules, humidity and temperature levels are key as well as growing mediums nutrients and air flow control… Google YouTube and written books are great resources to look into as well and all the great people here at GN will help you too… Stick with it and don’t get frustrated just keep learning and you’ll do great! Always learn from your mistakes and just keep growing!!!

This book helped me alot not just about growing about the cannabis plant itself!! Must read :grin:

This one is better! Ed Rosenthal is the man! The most well know cannabis horticulturist in america!

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Are these autos or photos? They’re tiny little girls!

I have no idea just leftover seeds I had. I think there small cause I didn’t no wat I was doing at the beginning kept them at 24 hr light schedule for weeks. And weeks.

Thx will get

Have a good look here

Scotty that book and 150 grow rooms are the best books for a beginner and a master grower in my opinion easy to follow I recommend it all the time

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Mom: order lady bugs from amazon, some grow shops carry them. Unleash them and they will do the rest. I’ve been using pest to fight pest for a few years never have a problem. Unleash some every few days. Preventive maintenance

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Thanks!! Growing basics by Jorge Cervantes is amazing too!!