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Help with IPM product selection

I’m looking for opinions on Azamax, Green Cleaner and HydroWorxx. I’m looking for anyone that has first hand experience with either of these. I like that HydroWorxx and Aza is OMRI listed. More info below. Thanks in advance!

Medium: Rockwool drain to waste
Lighting: LED
Nutrients: Dakine 420 Nitro Nutrients


It depends on what your using the Azamax for but Azasol is a much better product with 6% Azidiractin as opposed to Azamax’s 1%. It’s water a soluble powder and dissolves instantly and can be used as a spray or drench. As a drench it’s absorbed and provides 7-14 days of protection. For general prevention we use a simple neem-based spray like Trilogy.

Green cleaner has been around a while and it works but I think there are better products. If your fighting PM then I’d use a non oil based product like Procidic2 or Zero-Tol.


I use azamax sometimes, it works ok. It can be used in spray, or drench. Try to be preventative, once its too late its too late.