Help with leaf yellowing

My plants have slowly developed yellow leaves and a red tint to the leaves as well. I’m not sure what steps I need to take or what exactly is causing the issue. Any advice?


She’s obviously well into flowering and some yellowing is expected as she finishes but I think your yellowing might have came a little early. Not to mention them is some purple stems and your other green leaves aren’t so dark green either. Are you soil? Any readings taken lately? You can take off them yellow n brown leaves they ain’t coming back. She is not too bad off btw man don’t go getting upset about it. Your Getting good smoke off her for sure still.
The purple on the leaves will also come with final weeks of flower but is also genetics in some strains…


Did you stop your veg nutes cold turkey and go straight for bloom nutes when you switched to flower?


Usually happens late flower, might have to boost your EC or try a different brand. Some brands cut out Nitrogen all together in bloom. I like to keep my EC 2.0 to 2.2 in flower using flora flex nutrients. I have one resivoir feeding weeks 1-7 in flower. I see yellowing on certain cultivars like pineapple express but always healthy


What kinda lights are you using. What’s your grow medium? Feed schedule?


I think he was a dump and run? Too bad I’d like to see how she progresses. It really isn’t that bad and he’s got to be at least 5 weeks ish I’m thinking.