Helping the industry move forward

On a day to day basis, we talk to all types of companies from start up to enterprise level. One common problem we see among them is that nobody knows were the flags sit on the supply chain, properly. One bad vendor, one non binding contract, one bad practice or one unethical employee can end a company. This is why we exist in the first place. Our mission has always been to provide procurement tools and education. In the cannabis space we have helped companies grow by showing them how to manage their supply chain. In result, improving operations and maximizing the bottom line.

We are now partnering with a leading institution that provides procurement and supply chain training and certification. We are looking for leaders within the cannabis industry who are setting standards, best practices and benchmarks in their field. We would like to form a round table group to collect specific data we need that will be used in this industry moving forward.

If interested let a team member know or message us via Growers Network and we will add you to our contact list.

#procurewithpower :smile:


Where do we inquire more about this opportunity? Thank you!


Hey Colby. You can email [email protected]. Please provide a brief description of your background and if you have your own company what you do. Next week we will be reviewing and sending out a meeting invite for interested folks to discuss our next steps.

We are looking for SME in the following in both THC and Industrial Hemp sectors:

  • Cultivation
  • Testing Labs
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Dispensary Ops
  • Processing

Sandra :smile:


Awesome thank you I will do that. I appreciate the information and time.


Please email me at [email protected]


The way our customers interact with us is changing across all sectors. Specifically in cannabis, the industry obstacles remain certain and the solutions to those obstacles are under debate. What are some the problems you face with your customers interacting with your products and your businesses?


Hey guys. Thanks. We will be reaching out. We have had a busy week here so far and will be contacting you soon.