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Hemp extractor lead needed

Sr. Extraction Lead

HempStaff, LLC Pittsburgh, PA, USA


· Bachelor’s degree or higher in chemistry, biology, agriculture or demonstrated field experience preferred

· Prior hands-on laboratory experience in a Cannabis setting as Extraction Technician, preferred.

· Experience with extraction principles and techniques

If you are interested in this position and you meet the requirements of the job, please send your resume to [email protected]


This sounds like a great job! Extraction jobs tend to be among the highest paying in our industry, isn’t that right @HempStaff?

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Absolutely! There has been an increasing demand for extractors for both the hemp and cannabis industry!


How much of an uptick in these kinds of jobs have you seen in, say, the last 5 years?

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I wouldn’t be able to put an exact number on it but compared to legalization 5 years ago and now… It’s tremendous. We now have industrial hemp federally regulated meaning that there is now an open door for extractors to merge into that industry and we also got people who have been extracting in the few legalized states to venture into these newly introduced medical programs on the East coast.

The change has been incredible and it has given extractors an advantage in this industry because they are at an increasingly high demand in both industries!

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That’s awesome! I love seeing high-wage jobs in our industry. About how much technical training might a person interested in one of these positions need to enter the job market?

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It depends on the position, for our extraction technician position we have available the min. required experience is a degree related to that particular field, lab experience, and at least 2 years of extraction experience.

Some people get the extraction experience in different fields before they enter into the cannabis industry and some are able to obtain the cannabis extracting position in an already legalized state.

For lead extracting positions more experience is required and most of the time they prefer cannabis extracting extracting experience.

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Great info! What disciplines might a candidate entering school consider studying if their goal was to lead an extraction lab after graduation?

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At least a bachelors in Biochemical, Chemical, or Biological engineering and botany degrees are the main degrees employers are looking for but most people who finish their degree should not expect to enter into any lead positions after they graduate as most of the time they will have to start out as a technician in the lab to gain the experience before becoming a lead.

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