Hemp farmers, unite!

As we near federal reclassification of hemp, we want to know who are our @memberdirectory community hemp farmers? Do you grow hemp? Do you have a hemp-farming license pending? We want to hear about it!


While I have not ventured down this path yet, I am taking part in a 120 acre grow in Vermont this upcoming season. Looking forward to being an “old school” farmer with a tractor and some overalls. Also looking forward to some new learning curves and will be asking a few questions here, and hopefully sharing some experiences come fall time.


We would love to hear about this journey into conventional field production! I also am considering plowing under some acreage down on my ranch or up on some land I have in Colorado. Looking forward to seeing what your learning curve is like!

For some more info, check out @Farmer_Dan’s Conventional Field Production thread. He certainly earned his farmer’s overalls!


May I recommend Bibs from round house the last USA manufacturer of hickory strip blue.

As for “old school” with IPM the publication around Hemp for victory are really good. You are going to need to adjust some practices for pot vs Hemp because the caltivar section process has introduced some weird stuff.

I would also look at concentrates from your own cultivars a last resort biocide. This is real pH dependent on the spray water, I think it is 6.8 but need to verify.

Lastly you an @Farmer_Dan need to talk. You both have alot in common.


Wanted to go to school to learn more about the hemp industry and science behind it. Any opinions? The potential downside is that the geographical location doesn’t stop one from successfully be able to keep farming but with more unknowns is there usually great outlook for a young person to start?


I did a bunch of reading on industrial Hemp

they grow lots here North America in the middle of Canada

and the French grow lots

you plant with the density of wheat

for Grain(seeds) 25 - 40 pound , for fiber 40 -80 pounds per acre

they tried it here by me in upstate new york but framers grew them

like Christmas Trees for CBD Bud because the were told by seed sellers

they would get at least 800 dollars a plant

they had no one to handle the plants and no where to sell it so it sat in the fields

or hung in barns and turned to shit

there is money to be made and farming that can be done with Hemp

but as i told a farmer that I know who grew it and bought the snake oil

if you want to grow buds to sell grow real buds

I wish you all the best the world needs more farmers



Appreciate the honest reply. The market is tough and the only way to provide a sense of discovery of a light within the bush is to be creative. (There was no beating around the bush here!).

Most definitely, there is a lot of flow going on. The game is already packed with lumber and stone so no doubt the potential construction for it will mean that’ll need to be addressed with larger purchased based on need for a bigger project even with absolutely perfect marketing. The science will be based on if it can cutdown and be retainable as resourceful item that can yield the same results as the items up above.

Looks like this piece is in my book! Scratched and gone. No hemp school for me then.

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