Hemp Legislation- USDA comments needed

Hello community, I believe that the hemp industry is the “Lewis and Clark” of the cannabis industry. We hope that it will help pave the way and eliminate prohibition. The hemp industry is about to receive regulations from the USDA which are off the charts unreasonable will inhibit it’s growth and progress. Which I think in turn will inhibit the cannabis industries progress. This is a re-post from one of my Linkedin connections. As growers, please consider commenting on these proposed USDA rules. We’ve not yet reached 2000 comments on the USDA website and we need more support. Thank you in advance for your consideration. We have until the end of January to comment and be heard.

Calling All Hempsters, Get a Template to post Comments on the USDA’s Interim Final Rules!!!

We have posted Additional Comments to the USDA on the Interim Final Rules (IFR). If you haven’t commented yet, please do so immediately! Please don’t be apathetic if you support Hemp!!! If relevant changes are not made to the IFR the Hemp Industry will be under serious restraints to be successful. We only have until the end of January to make comments!!!
To get a template that you can use that contains all of our relevant comments in one Document, Please go to: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1m7PS_ubxYlQaD2S4oDOzdMS5V1qybYsz?usp=sharing
This is a Word File Template that you can use to make your comments. You can delete what you don’t agree with and add what you want to personalize your comments. Please personalize your comments as duplicate comments may be deleted. Also save it on your computer or device under a different name to complicate the algorithm.
Here is where to post your comments:
You can find more info at the Blog on COHPC.ORG.

Thank you for commenting and sharing with your Friends and Social Media to help move the Hemp Industry Forward!


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