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HEMP Plants or CBD reach Medical cannabis?

Hi there, I have a question. Is anybody growing HEMP for CBD extraction here? What is more cost effective in your opinion. 1. Growing Industrial Hemp on a large scale 30+ hectors and then extracting CBD from it or growing CBD reach plants in Greenhouse 20+% of CBD profile, having several crops per year and extract full spectrum CBD oil profiles.

In Europe, in order to extract CBD from industrial hemp, one needs to obtain a specific license, which is similar to one for Opium Poppy cultivation. And THC level in such HEMP should be below 0.2-0.3%


A higher CBD count per plant will be more cost effective than acreage. Greenhouses also offer a higher level control, limiting possible crop contaminates and pests. A guarantee is invaluable, and though the initial start up cost might be higher than acreage and an injection system, it will see a better return long term.