Hemp producer looking for buyer

Hello everyone, I’m new to the hemp producing, but not to growing. Just got my license and I’m trying to figure out how this works. So I’m curious, after i harvest my plants, how do you find people / companies to purchase my flower and/or biomass. I’m starting with a small lot maybe 12 - 15 plants to test the waters. Any advice is well appreciated. Thank you in advance.


Hi @jdhorton77

Welcome to GN and a wonderful journey you are embarking on. Not being rude, just saying how it is. 12-15 plants is a tiny amount for both biomass, flower and possibly extracts. Not sure what country you growing in, but possibly a good idea to do market research in your local area to see the demand for hemp. Perhaps look at a niche market e.g seed for for food, cold pressed oils or flower for concentrates. You will also need to research the right variety of hemp first off, because some varieties are good for fibre, while others are good for seed production.

But there is certainly a market out there for whatever you decide to do. Hemp has endless possibilities. Please share your journey here and happy to help where I can.