HerbsNow Herb Dryer with USB

I have 2 HerbsNow weed dryers, never opened. I paid $160/each plus tax. Will sell for $120 each plus shipping.

From the manufacturer:
The HerbsNOW herb dryer with USB uses a low pre-set temperature specifically for drying herbs, while retaining their aromatics and medicinal and/or culinary qualities.
The USB plug can be used with multiple accessories, such as an air filter to keep strong aromatics contained, a desk top humidifier for dry climates, or a small keyboard style vacuum to aid in clean up.
The dryer includes five removeable bottom trays to allow for both small and larger flowers to be dried efficiently without worry of crushing their delicate nature.
The bits ‘n pieces tray sits neatly in the bottom of the dryer allowing for maximum yield of your dried herbs, and aids in quick and easy clean up.

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Are these still available