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Here’s my BHO CRC setup

Top picture is from a video but that is my solvent water clear.
Here is my 1 lb system. I run an active system with a hot loop.
-60C 70/30 propane/butane mix
Pushes through subcoler in dry ice alcohol slurry
Recover at 90F
I’ll post some pictures of final product when done.


@Packee…lol… not difficult…lol… kind have talked about it…

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We recover at 120f but then we are only chasing not pumping… what are the pressures you see with 70/30 for recovery… we hit 150psi some times…


@mothergoose very nice and clean setup

@Ladithief. Yep, can see us using this for sure



I don’t control psi as I run it when ambient between 60-80F. Usually around +/-50 psi.

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I was thinking about making some stickers that say “The Hash Depot” and covering the Home Depot logo. Haha.

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