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Hermaphrodite or bust

Okay, I have five regular seeds from a plant that my friend grew in his backyard. There are no other cannabis plants around. His plant had many seeds in the buds. I am guessing it was a hermaphrodite but I’m not sure. Here are some pics of his plant. Judging from the pre-flower of the seeds they seem to be all female but I am worried, should I be worried, should I separate them from the rest of the room?

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Hi @chefjonnyg!

That had happen to me a couple of times. Reading a little bit says that some strains when get stressed, start producing seeds. They don’t produce a lot of polen but will be better to keep an eye on your plants in case a pure male shows up.

Good luck with your niñas!

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Me again!

I’m in a workshop right now about male, female and hermafrodites.


Wow what a fun workshop. I wish i was taking workshops. Sadly i have no time.

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It could be survival seeds or pollen got blown in with the wind. The plant was in a backyard. Pollen can fly far if the wind is right or even pollinating insects.

It happen a lot in outdoors growing
Pollen can fly for miles and insects like bees they fly for nectar for 2 to 6 miles around usually hermies throw the lil bananas what they full of pollen and it can pollinate a hole garden!!
Wen its outdoors it’s hard to keep up with insects and weather!!
Good luck
Good vibes!!

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