Hermied or paranoid

Hello everyone! I posted in here a couple weeks ago because I was worried about a potential hermied plant. After reading replies and giving them some more time, I realized that I was just being paranoid. Fast forward to today, I went to water and I just noticed these on my shortest plant. Am I being paranoid AGAIN?! Thanks for the excellent help and advice, I greatly appreciate it.


Hermied. Sorry
If it’s only 1 or 2 you can pluck them off but you’ll have to be on top of things to keep ahead of them.
More will show as the plant progresses thru flower.


Thought so😖 atleast I caught it early! I moved it to its own tent in the same room and theres only a handful that I saw si I’m going to try to pluck them. Is it safe to keep in the same room if they are in seperate tents? Obviously I would do my best to avoid cross contamination by workin on them seperatly and such but idk how well that would work out. Thanks for your help!


You could. Keep an ever vigilant eye on them. One day… poof pollen. Then seeds will be had lol.