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Hey Growers! Exhale Homegrown Bags cultivate CO2 24 hours a day with no need to refill bottles or use expensive CO2 production units

The Birth of ExHale
Some 20 years ago I realized the biological function of mycelium. Before that for 25 years I had lived a life of a seed breeder’s son. My father always had a saying; “First the Seed”, when I was young we would plant thousands of crosses hoping to get 20-30 that showed promise of actual becoming a hybrid worth offering to the public. This process would be years in the making.

That same philosophy went into creating ExHale. It is well known that mycelium releases CO2 just like humans. When looking into the possibility of utilizing mycelial-cultivated CO2 for plant production it was obvious to me, it has to be a special strain that only wants to produce CO2.

With most cultivated mushrooms, your goal is to get mushrooms. Go figure. After you have harvested your crop what you have left is fairly valuable, mostly for compost, which in itself produces CO2. The gig is a mycelial strain that produces little or no primordia has more vigor and therefore produces more CO2 for a longer period of time. Just like a mother plant, ExHale just keeps cranking as if there is no end to the day.

ExHale came out of a true love of agriculture and out of the need for a less expensive, easier, safer and more harmonious way to provide your plants with CO2.

Glen Babcock, Founder


How It Works!

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I’ve seen people use these before (and mixed reviews.)

I have mixed feelings about them myself (but in full disclosure have never used them.) I’d be curious to know what kind of constant PPM’s you would have around the plant canopy when you consider extractions systems (for a home grower) or the type of HVAC systems for greenhouses.

Has anyone used these before @mastergrowers ? If so, have you measured the CO2 PPM levels? Would you want to run your temps a bit warmer to utilize the CO2?

@JoeGrow what do you think about these?


They are great for smaller grow spaces or off the grid, but they are launching a commercial grade product soon and are going to use the forum to present it to our growers! Sending us product samples for our in house growers @Growernick @brendan


@growernick do you have a CO2 monitor?

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Exhale bags work well in smaller spaces. Utilizing mushroom growth to produce CO2 is an exciting way to bring CO2 into our growrooms (I’ve even gassed off the CO2 from my beer brewery to increase CO2 levels). They are designed to be utilized in a 4x4 area (ideally). In similar spaces I’ve seen CO2 PPM levels raise as high as 1500 PPM or stay ambient around 800 PPM depending on ventilation. I recommend Exhale Bags or MyCO2 boxes for tent growers or for growers who are considering implementing CO2 into his or her grow operation. Exhale also sells a 365 version that releases CO2 for a whole year!

Lugging CO2 tanks around can be cumbersome, painful and heavy! For some growers, CO2 tanks just aren’t physically feasible. Exhale bags provide an easy alternative to integrate CO2 into one’s grow.

I look forward to testing these out a little more and reporting back!


I have several environmental controls which activate CO2 regulators according to CO2 setpoints (generally between 800-1200 PPM depending on grow cycle and how little I feel like lugging tanks down to the shop!).
The controls deadband at 100 PPM.

I can get a CO2 monitor for testing purposes.


And this is why you win cups :grinning: We need you teaching some grow workshops on here my friend!


I love to teach! Put a group together and I’ll be there!