Hi from Europe to everybody

Hi all!

My name is Victor W. and live in Europe. I don’t want to be too precise with my name or town as laws are not weed-friendly here :slight_smile:

We bought a house last October and I finally, after over 30 years smoking hash and weed I saw the opportunity of being auto-sufficient. I use a small room I have beside the heater to grow eight auto plants. I have two 45 watt led lamps and two 10 watt IKEA plant-lamps. The yield I got from my first crop wasn’t big, but quite enough for me: I had two auto Blue, three auto Lemon haze and three auto OG Kush and they gave 80 g. (don’t know how much that would be in ounces.)

My main problems are:

  • The humidity, which is difficult to keep as the ambient is quite wet, but when the heater is on it goes down to 40% or lower. When the heater is off, specially now in summer when I only start it every forth or fifth day, the humidity gets up to around 65%.

  • Mosquitoes. We live out in the forest and there are a lot of those. I have a glue trap and I kill as many as I can manually. The air dryer works also as a trap when it’s on.

I’m now on my second round, with three +Speed 2 auto, three Fast bud auto and two auto Critical.

I’m still a rookie, and I hope to get some knowledge here.

Thanks a lot!


Welcome @victorw to the Growers Network!

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Thanks MacG!

One question… How do I upload pictures to the post?

Thanks in advance!


You can drag and drop. Or when you are in the message composition box, there is kind of a box with a up arrow on it, you can click on that to get the browse button to browse your files.

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Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


Keeping RH near ideal for the stage of growth does help a lot, but it isn’t necessarily mandatory on the drier end. The wetter end is dangerous, especially during flower, as you don’t want mold or bud rot.

Generally the biggest factor besides making sure they are fed correctly for larger and denser buds is more light intensity.

In general you can kind of use a estimate of about 35 watts per square foot with LED lighting. This is the actual draw at the wall for the individual light, not necessarily what watts the manufacturer labels it at.

More airflow or air exchange from the growing area can help with high humidity.

Different types of humidifiers can be run if too low, and dehumidifiers can be run when too high.



Welcome @victorw… I never expect anyone to feel uncomfortable with too much info… how big is your grow space… I ask becasue at the moment I think you are lacking enough light to knock it out of the park… 80gr or 3oz is a nice place to start… so welcome here and let’s get you far north of 100g… I am a hash man my self and love making my own…


Hello @victorw

If you ever have any hydroponics questions then give me a tag


Hi :wave: @victorw

Welcome to GN

I’m a hydro guy too




Welcome to the GN. I’m Hoot n I grow organically.


Thanks all for your greetings!

I’m sorry if I’m a little bit too paranoid, but I know cases where a fully legal parcel from a grow-shop has ended in a search warrant, and I have a lot to loose if I ever get caught growing. As they say, being paranoid doesn’t mean you ain’t been pursued.

I’ll have your recommendations in mind.

I grow eight plants upon a table that is around 1.5 square meters, which would be a little bit over 16 square feet. I have a small humidifier and a small dehumidifier (humidifying is easier than drying out for some reason).

I’m ok with the yield. 80 gram is more or less what I smoke per year. Then I like to give away some, and need an extra stash for when my mother visits. She gets bored here in the middle of nowhere and spends the days smoking. She’s here a couple of weeks a year, and in that time she smokes the same amount I smoke on two months. With two harvests a year I get more than I need. Still I would like to become much better at growing and understanding the plants. I really love gardening my weed!

When it comes to the lightning, my paranoia strikes again :slight_smile:. I don’t want to increase a lot my electricity consumption because that is a lead police often use in their search for growers. I’m planning to put solar panels, and then it will be easier to add a few more lights unnoticeably (is this word correct?).

I have added six pictures: the table where I grow and my plants, my lamps, the humidifier, the dehumidifier, the top bud of one Fast bud auto, and the same bud through a 30X magnifying glass.

My plants are on their 7th week, and just started to bloom. I have Bud Candy, Overdrive and Big Bud from Advance Nutrients, Bio Boost from Canna and Top Max from BioBizz. Should I start with Bud Candy already? Should I add Bio Boost and Top Max?

Nice to meet you all!


Have you seen this thread? There is a lot of good stuff on light and efficacy, as well as efficiency.


You’re right, very interesting info. I feel like a nooby reading you guys discuss :smiley:

I definitely need to see over my lightning as soon as I get the solar panels on place, hopefully before October.


First off, let me welcome you to the forum. I’m BudBrother and I grow organically.

You can also try Mosquitto Bits or Mosquitto Dunks to solve that problem. It’s a bacteria that kills mosquito and fungus gnats.


Welcome! Your plant looks great for a distance picture. Keep it up


Not enough light not intense enough, what about a grow tent? Keep mosquitoes out. Other than that keeps the doors shut and get fly screens :confused:


Love the bio boost by canna but try greenfuse bloom booster it works just as good for a small fraction of the price super concentrate beware . A 60ml bottle does hundreds and hundreds of gallons of nutes

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Thanks for the tip. My weed budget is very small. Which brand does the greenfuse bloom booster?

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I’ll check for ya .it from the Netherlands