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Hidden genetics: Path to Success or Highway to Hell?

There is something that has been bugging me because I can’t tell if I am pissed off over it or not. For those not living in a place where cannabis is legal as in the government approves of its sales, legalization can mean many things; to the average stoner, it means more and safer access; to the business man it means a new way to make money. And to medical patients, having greater access to a greater variety means its more likely we can get exactly the meds we need…so it all sounds like a win-win and it is except for one little gotcha: Every medical user I know knows what works for them and they know which genetics produces the effects they need. However the business man sees the “secret sauce” of cannabis being coming up with a custom strain, patenting the “formula” and then hiding all genetic info so the buyer has no clue WTF went into the flower since the name means nothing anymore and the genetics are hidden. This happens ALL the time here…you just can’t get genetics on flower you buy anymore so its hard to look at a menu and make some kind of informed choice. I know for fact certain strains work better for me and if I can’t get those I know my genetics well enough to know what else was sort of “bred around them”. Instead now all I get are lab scores for things like mercene or whatever which is as useless as trying to pick out a package dinner based on the chemicals that make up that food.

So I see why they want to lock that up but its a baaaad thing for the rest of us…thoughts?

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