High CBD clones for sale (Europe market)

Hello everyone.

I represent a company settle near Barcelona, we produce High-CBD clones and distribute all around Europe. We have all the paperwork and can reach everyplace in Europe.

We have our own genetics but we also work under command for any client. That means that you can deliver us the genetic you want to reproduce and we will do it for you with a competive price and a exlusivity contract to make sure your strains don’t go anywhere else.

We have a great facility and great profilaxy protocols.

If anyone is interested please contact me: [email protected]

Keep the good work, let’s make this industry even bigger.



Are you using tissue culture? If so, what is your success rate with meristem culture for virus scrubbing?


Hello devjyam

We are not using tissue culture right now. We reproduce our strains by cuttings but we are doing some research on tissiue culture and different media. For now is to expensive and it takes long time compered with cuttings so we are just testing in case we need to do it.


How do you ship? Rooted or unrooted? What experience do you have with shipping live plants?


We ship the clones with jiffy preforma plugs full of roots.

We had delivers with 48H transit time and the plants arrived in perfect conditions as we transport with refrigereted trucks.

Hope I could help you.

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