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High Everybody đź‘‹

Just wanted to introduce myself and what I have been up to. Aside from developing these fundraising opportunities I am actively and foremost in search of an organization that I can volunteer for in exchange for services and cannabis. Gotta have access to cannabis, otherwise, all this other, more important matters, seem to come to a screeching halt. This entire thing is going to be way too much fun to continue allowing that to happen.
So please,
Join me

International Ministry of E.I.N. 83-4287380
Music and Healing Art’s 6810 South Van Ness Ave.
(310)857-0310 Los Angeles, CA 90047
[email protected]

	“Raising the collective vibration by any means necessary”

Hello again,
Of the two dozen requests for donations I submitted to this nation’s corporation’s, Three responded with humble offerings of assistance, None of which I had in mind or anticipated.
Thank you kindly, We will always do our best to implement any and all donations in an appropriate and effective manner.
At this time, I feel it’s best to clearly explain some of what we really intend to do and where your organization benefits by joining and sponsoring our efforts and initiatives.
We are still only a few with great aspirations to inspire the many.
As many as possible and by whatever means possible.
I do intend to begin with espresso carts staffed by veteran’s along with the majority of proceeds from that initiative are to benefit veteran’s. I’m not a vet, but my grandfather did survive Pearl Harbor and I have had several roommates who are veteran’s and remain friend’s with me to this day.
The idea that one would be left to feel as though killing themselves was the only viable solution to their problems is unacceptable. The reality that we STILL have on average, every day, 22 or more doing exactly that is shameful beyond words or measure.
There’s a long list of disturbing and shameful lacking’s and abuses that are commonplace throughout our society and experience, unemployed veteran’s seemed like the appropriate place to start. We could have began with BBQ, but I felt there to be less spoilage with coffee and the markup people are willing to pay for a cup is too high not to look at twice.
Vetspresso however, is only where I intended to start when I met our current Vice President who suggested charity carwash’s and a door to door recycling campaign she’s had success with in the past. I also have a friend in the SF Bay Area with the equipment to manufacture our carts. He also served in the USMC honorably, for 8 years. Other than health inspection and a street vender permit, this project as a whole is ready to launch this spring with locations to hold carwash’s throughout Los Angeles county already picked out.
While the carwash is ready to go in the spring, We can use some donations immediately as well.
We love Los Angeles. It’s a wonderful city, but it all smells like urine and feces, presenting several very serious health hazards. I know Los Angeles isn’t alone contending with this epidemic. We do have some volunteers prepared to get out and deal with it immediately. We only require the proper equipment and permits to operate a volunteer pressure washers service. Mainly, pressure washers, hose, power cords of course and the necessary hazmat suits, masks, and goggles.
I can’t think of much else that would benefit veteran’s and the community as a whole more than extending the hour’s at the public libraries. I have also noticed that almost every library in the region has a small seating area outside or other location where an espresso cart would likely perform very well, even with little or no marketing or advertisement. In the same motion, I can only imagine the libraries themselves could hire veteran’s to fill some of those hours. Paid for by some of the proceeds from our espresso cart program.
@IMMHACAL is intent on getting people out and engaged in resolving some of our problems as a society. I want people out enjoying time together. We need to make more of an effort to focus on things we know we can agree on.
Which brings it back to music.
I recognize those car washes as more of an opportunity than some volunteers toweling off the community’s vehicles. A car wash with an espresso cart and BBQ is a good start, but there also has to be a bandstand or DJ at bare minimum. With the popularity of YouTube and other internet platforms This provides an opportunity for the community to showcase their talents. In a competition I’ve dreamt up and will need help developing. I initially dreamt it up in March, if that clears anything up.
It’s my intention to organize a record label and event production company or service, owned and operated by the musicians, artists and technicians necessary to pull it together.
What I would like for the corporations and their affiliates to do, is for each of them to partner up with their favorite charity and sponsor a musician or artists into a series of double edged brackets. Throughout the season we work our way through the brackets with live performances broadcast on the internet and anywhere else possible. Thereby, There’s a system of voting already in place. In a perfect world, We will host these live performances in the parking lot or other locations where logos and product placement happen on their own to start. Eventually, I would imagine with sponsorship, we could rent out venues as well. The other measure, besides likes on the internet would be merchandise sold, opening up opportunities for our inventory to drive traffic to your soon to be viral and iconic location.
There will likely be several brackets to start, big name brackets, house concert and smaller venue brackets, amateur and Jr. Brackets All finishing up at the end of the season with a large festival and award ceremony.
We are all aware of the dramatic drop off of both the NFL and NASCAR viewership. I recognize this as an opportunity or open lane, as some people like to put it. I’m confident Vegas will too.

The entire thing is about moving forward into  the future with initiatives  that have the necessary positive impact the  current narrative does not reflect. IMMHA will take it’s percentage of earnings and effectively put  the music and art’s program’s back in the school’s to a degree we have not seen before.
Not only am I actively recruiting for members to sit on the board and help us develop all of this, we need a Jr. board  of directors structured on a regional basis.
The  other very popular idea I’ve come up with presents immense  opportunities for product placement and sponsorship as  well. It’s a live late  night talk show we intend  to take out into  the country and host it in your  neighborhood, out of a travel trailer towed behind a flatbed tow truck. We want  to bring  our celebrities back  home, where they came from, before they were famous. We also intend to showcase local band’s from the area on the bed of that tow truck.

Any and all donations are graciously accepted and PayPal is functional at
(310)857-0310. Checks and all other donations may be shipped or mailed to
6810 South Van Ness Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90047
I am at present available for any questions or inquiries.
Thanks again,
A.D. Cunningham
International Ministry of Music and Healing Art’s
[email protected]