High Phos Bat Guano 0-12-0

:bat: High Phos Bat Guano 0-12-0 is produced by fruit eating bats in Indonesia and the Philippines and is screened through 200 mesh screen for consistency. It contains high levels of phosphate and exceptional amounts of calcium. It may increase the size and quantity of blooms in all flowering plants. 🪴 This product can be used in gardens, landscaping, containers, and raised beds, for vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, vines, trees and shrubs. :herb:

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Hmmmm Just curious. You clearly show a Calif Dept of Food and Agriculture (cdfa) Registered Organic Input Material on the label, yet it can’t be shipped to Cali or Oregon? Cali and Oregon are by the way the strictest states for Label Registration and Compliance…just struck me as odd ???


Hi, thank you for your concern, If you desire a similar product that must be shipped to either an oregon or California address,
Please consider plan b high Phos 0-9-0 mpp.

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Thank you for the answer. So basically the 0-9-0 meets labeling requirements! Thank you!


Our pleasure! Yes, correct. Thank you so much and We wish you the best!

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See my previous post on why P should be treated as a micronutrient for flower production, comparable with magnesium or sulfur.

But P is useful for seed production, as Cannabis seeds are rich in the element. It’s the only practical use for high P fertilizers like this with Cannabis.

Just everyone please be responsible with this element that is often anecdotally associated with fruit (and by extension, flower) development; not only is P not associated with increased Cannabis flower or Cannabinoid yield above tiny concentrations, it is a significant bio-pollutant at both micro- and macro- environmental scales.

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