High Pollen strains

High Pollen strains please give a shout out if you know some and pollen how make your leaves produce lot of pollen?

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Hey @rbenjameni Your question is confusing. Do you mean male pollen to pollinate a female for seeds? Or do you mean Trichomes , them frosty white resinous glands that are looking and stretching out for the male pollen?


Oh True sorry I mean Trichome to make hash


Just a suggestion and has worked for me, Get crushed ice and about a week and a half before you harvest, pack the ice around the base of the stem, and fill the whole top of the pot with the crushed ice, wait a couple days and do it again, about a half hour before lights go off, then do it a third time, when Ice is gone, shut down lights for 48 hours, You will have a major increase in size and amounts of Trichomes.
Another method people use is stem splitting. Hope this helps !
happy growing