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Highest yielding NPK ratios throughout the weeks of flowering

What nutrient ratios gave you the best harvest? Feel free to include calcium, sulfer, and magnesium ratios in your answer. Be as detailed as you want.

Has anyone here found patterns when comparing different cannabis based brand’s NPK ratios?


Hey @preybird1, I know you tried a lot of them, what are your thoughts on this? :nerd_face:


I find its not the amount of nutrients more as application rates. I usually check my plants leafs first and if they are not even slightly burned i increase my nutrients and it depends on the strain. I can get the runts up 1300ppms in bloom but thats 2/3 of the way through flower.
In my testing. i had the highest yeild with dakine420. Second was roots organics. And 3rd was advanced nutrients. Im currently testing the roots organics master line. And im also testing idacal manure.
My next 2 nutrient runs will be with

  1. keygrow
  2. Key to life.
    I preffer salts over liquids because i dont like paying for water. And i can mix my own nutrients.

@preybird1 How often do you water? What grow medium do you use?


I water everyday. And i use coco or tupur. I am also testing some air pots with a new medium that utah university uses. Its 50% vermiculite and peat mix.
I make sure i do not over water. And i feed 3 days. And 1 day flush and 3 days feed and 1 day flush. I have never deviated. Towards the end of flower is when i increase the bloom feed. I am also testing the dakine420 bloom booster shock and awe and it works and in my testing of control plants. The clones were making buds as big as big as plants with tap roots. I will be able to verify withing 1 month because my clone test plants, hash passion are budding now. And i have 1 in the final week of flower. And i will be able to compare the bud sizes between the mother and the clones.


Bruce Bugbee from Utah State studying cannabis and recommends a general 20-10-20 at 500 ppm N in a peat/vermiculite medium.

I just finished a run trying to closely follow the NPK ratios of the FloraFlex nutes. I’ll be figuring yield in a few weeks as plants dry and get trimmed.


I think this is the holy grail question… but @devjyarn and @preybird1 correct me if I’m wrong it would matter what you use until your environment is dialed in … not saying you don’t have it dailed in @kindbud


I would agree. I run about 73-81 degrees max and humidity 40%-60% range depends on the light im using. Right now i was showing 80 degrees and 46% humidity.


I find its not the amount of nutrients more as application rates.

There is a wise mans words. Nutes are expensive to and not good as a runoff for the environment. Probably also a good idea to check your runoff water to see what the uptake of the plants is to ensure you not over doing it.


Very good idea @chrisj question for us newbs. What would you consider overdoing it? Is there a certain ppms that would alert you? Other than tip burning on the leaves? I have been cutting my nutrients levels down to see if i can manipulate the growth of my plant a bit better. I notice when i get it just right the plants really grow well. Im almost always in that zone. But sometimes i miss and it takes a week to get back to the zone.

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