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Hippie Marketing Chic Is So Over

Hey all, @growopowners @DispensaryOwners @ProcessorOwners @LabOwner @Investors @ServiceProviders @MedicalProfessionals
While growing is my advocation and passion, I’m a process-driven and agile problem-solving and project management resource that can help you take advantage of opportunities for which you have limited bandwidth.

I’ve worked big package goods and tech brands all my life (Velcro™ Keurig™, Boston Whaler™); now focused on MMJ and recreational cannabis-sector packaged products (compliant packaging), traditional media (TV, print), website content and design, email marketing, social & content media, and related branded canna technologies and processes.

I work with principals and stakeholders in any number of ways, from branding, marketing and packaging to managing full-blown business expansion initiatives. This can includes operations, SOP process, staffing, team building, site location, and most all allied tasks. In short, I’m flexible and capable, and wide open to your vision, and ways of doing business.

Why miss opportunity when there’s a ready resource at hand? Please contact me in confidence. (508) 951-0130

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Do you like this apparel?

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Just got this news this morning:

Very disappointed in our government right now.

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I do - has a lovely natural feel to it!

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